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Magical!, By Smurf

This review is from: All About Me (Hardcover)
I bought this book on Saturday and I am in love with it, it is such a magical book. It is one of those rare finds, full of hidden gems and surprises. The photo and description on here can't do it any justice, it is a real treat!

I haven't even begun to go through the entire book yet, I keep dipping in and out of it and finding another magical delight. I would highly recommend this for anyone that still believes in the magic, because I believe! And as someone once said to me "when you stop believing in Father Christmas, you get underwear for presents!" I fully intend to keep believing, and having met John (who really is Father Christmas, seeing is believing) and Juliet I believe even more! A delightful couple and a delightful journal.

Truly Brilliant - A Must Have, By M J Kerry

This review is from: All About Me (Hardcover)
I was very amused by this amazing and fascinating book, it is full of surprises, with lots of little bits of information, a wonderful Christmas gift for all the family to enjoy.

I loved the pop-up and the double tailed sixpence. The re-moveable recipes (like post it notes) for doing your shopping and cooking, brilliant.

The Sleighway Code and the Letters, and lots more, truly brilliant, a must for all the family at Christmas.

Exquisite Book!, By Cluny (CA United States)

Here is a review that tells you a little about the book.

This review is from: All About Me (Hardcover)
Opening this book feels as if you are lifting the lid of a dusty treasure trove of Christmas snippets and delving inside to immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas, or settling by the fire for a chat with Father Christmas in a traditional Lapland cabin.
Father Christmas's story of himself is a mixture of memoir and miscellany, looking back on centuries of festive traditions, and key Christmas stories and poems: The Nativity, Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, Clement Clarke Moore's poem The Night before Christmas, for example. And while the feel of this book is Victorian, the text is smack bang up-to-date telling the pulling together references to Father Christmas in books and films from the 17th century until the present day: Father Christmas receives e-mails (which he doesn't print for the sake of the planet) and has a computer database.
It's a plum pudding of a book, a rich mix of delicious morsels, meticulously researched and encyclopadic, stirred into something rather special. So like Lewis Carroll's Snap Dragon Fly which apparently had the body of a plum pudding, Holly leaves for wings and a flaming raisin for is head - it's nutritional in content and yet a flight of fancy you'll want to follow......
Did you know that Christmas was banned in England from 1647-1660 and in America between 1659 and 1681? That Picasso painted a picture of him? Or that in Mexico, the three wise men work together on the gift-giving?
Called Ton Ton Noel in Haiti and Ded Moroz (Grandfather frost) in Russia, his first outfit was blue, that he wore a green cloak in Dicken's A Christmas Carol 1843 where FC appears as the ghost of Christmas Present. With traditional illustrations pulled in from Christmas classics, e.g. Thomas Nast's illustrations for the 1880 Harper's weekly, Father Christmas follows on with the idea handy a harry Potter invisibility cloak would be!
Exploring the many detailed pages, I discovered that Christmas Island is so named because Captain James Cook spent Christmas there in 1777 before discovering Hawaii, and did you know Charles Darwin's ship The Beagle anchored in Patagonia for Christmas 1833,whilst undertaking a Hydrographic survery to map the coastline?
Navigation has changed from latitude and longtitude and the time of Sir Isaac Newton( X=Mas2) now that we have SatNavs, and I love the Ministry of Flight's Sleighway Code, and Father Christmas's speeding ticket, where the speed camera has caught FC's face as he flashed by!
And amongst the real factual information, there are cheeky moments for today's children - a child on Santa's lap who wanted a Wii, for example...
With riddles, recipes, and a sparkling pop-out snowflake, this book is bursting with old-fashioned magic, message of peace, love, hope and goodwill for today's children wherever they live and whatever culture they come from. A cracker!

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