Dentist Elf

At last the secret life of Santa Claus

Through previously unseen private diaries, full of fascinating anecdotes spanning hundreds of years, discover where Santa Claus lives and how he manages the elves in his gift production workshops at the North Pole.

Find out how Santa Claus has changed his costumes with the years; his strict adherence to The Sleighway Code, as he and his reinderr hurtle through the sky. Enjoy learning about the festive customs and celebrations that others take part in across the world.

Ever wondered when or why Christmas trees, crackers and puddings became part of the special day?
Find the answers to thes questions, as well as a world exclusive look at Santa Claus's favourite treat - Snowmints!

All About Me is a truly magical celebration of Christmas for everybody. Full of secterts and hidden surprises to discover; if you love christmas, you will love All About Me.


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